Active/Reserve Pools

This feature lets you and your poolies activate and bench players in your line-up from week to week.

The Administrator specifies a time each week (or everyday) when activations and benchings occur. Each poolie can select who to move from their password protected Trash Talk page.

To enable this feature for your pool;
  • Login as Administrator.
  • Be certain that all your Poolie's Active players are drafted as C, R, L, D, G or TeamA. (Don't use Forwards 'F')
  • Be certain that all your Poolie's Benched players are drafted as CustomA players.
  • Ensure Configure Trash Talk is enabled.
  • Set the correct scoring for Centers, Rightwing, Leftwing, Defence, Goalies and TeamA on the Customize Scoring page.
  • Set CustomA scoring to all zeros on the Customize Scoring page.
  • Go to Configure Active/Reserve link on the Admin page and Enable the feature.
  • You can further customize the player type for CustomA players by changing the 3 letter position identifier on the Customize Charts page. (i.e. change it to BCH or RSV)

Each poolie should be given a unique Trash Talk password. On their Trash Talk page, they will see the Active/Reserve link.

This is a new feature and the formatting of the teams on the Daily Stats Page may still look a bit messy for a while - we're working on it!

Additionally, we'll be changing the display so that Player movements do not show up on the Daily Stats Page until AFTER they are made (at the moment they are shown there the moment the poolie makes the roster move, but we understand poolies want to keep that info private until after the movement date).

We want to make your Hockey Pool, THE Hockey Pool

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