Award Points For Goals Per Game

Award points to players for scoring multiple goals in a game.
Award points to goalies/teams for only allowing a certain number of goals against in a game.

For example, you might award;
2 extra points for scoring 4 goals in a game
1 extra point for allowing only 1 or 2 goals in a game
-2 (subtract) points for allowing more than 4 goals in a game

Some Potential Confusing Point Issues

- The NHL rule is that Goalies are not awarded a ShutOut if another goalie plays, even for 1 second.
- If you disagree, we provide 0 Goal Against Games: a 0GAG stat is awarded if a goalie plays any amount of time without allowing a goal.
- We do not recommend you use 0GAG: like the NHL, we don't think a goalie who plays less than a full game should get extra points.
- If you do use 0GAG, we recommend that you set a minimum number of minutes a goalie must play before their stats count. Even this way however, if you have a 50 minute time-limit before points count for a goalie, they may have come in after the starter let in 4 goals in the first 10, and thus would get 0GAG points in a game where 4 goals were scored against the team.
- Goalies get both a ShutOut and a 0 Goals Against Game stat if they play a full, 0 goal game. For this reason, you should choose to award points for only one or the other, not both.

Both Goalies Get ShutOuts in 0-0 Shootout Game:
- NHL rules are that Shootout goals do not count against a goalie, and in the case of a 0-0 game that goes into a Shootout, both goalies played full minutes without allowing a goal, thus both get ShutOuts.
- Only one gets the win though, for extra points. If you don't like the NHL's rule, you can award negative bonus points to those goalies.
- Note that this is NOT true for Goaltending teams; the ShutOut will only be given to the winning team, so that's another alternative to any points issue surrounding this scoring.

- A 3 Goal Game (3GG) is different from a HatTrick (HT):
- A 3GG is awarded if the player gets EXACTLY 3 goals.
- A HT is awarded if a player gets 3 OR MORE goals. It is a subtle difference, so choose the one that works best for your pool.
- Players get both a HatTrick and 3 Goal Game if they score exactly 3 goals. For this reason, you should choose to award points for only one or the other, not both.

How To Configure Scoring

On the Admin page, select 'Customize Point Scoring' and set your player scoring as desired, press Save when done.

See Custom Point Scoring for more details.

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