ShootOut Goal Info

ShootOut Goal Information

We score ALL shootout goals, and misses, with an additional, separate stat for the ShootOut Winner.

Due to high demand from our poolies, TheHockeyPool awards stats on ShootOut goals & misses & winning goals even though the NHL doesn't.

But they are a special type of goal. A shootout goal only counts as a shootout goal. It does not count towards the player's total goals.

for example;
- an overtime, powerplay goal will add 1 to each of the player's; Goals, Game Winning Goals, OverTime Goals and PowerPlay Goals
- a ShootOut goal only counts as a ShootOut Goal
- a ShootOut miss only counts as a ShootOut Miss
- a ShootOut WINNING goal will count both as a ShootOut Goal and a Winning ShootOut Goal

Subtle scoring information about Shootout Winning goals that we didn't find out until Dec. 5, 2021:
The Shootout winning goal will be awarded to the player that scored the goal that made their team have ONE more goal than the opposition team including the shootout goals. Why is this important? Well it can confuse you as to who should get that winner in some common situations.

Team A has player 1 take their first shot, and they miss.
Team B has player 1 take their first shot, and they score.
Team A has player 2 take their next shot, and they miss.
Team B has player 2 take their next shot, and they score.

The shootout is now 2-0, and there is no need to have Team A shoot again, they can't possibly win. At this point it might be reasonable to conclude that Team B's player 2 will get the winner. HOWEVER..

Team B's player 1 will get the game winner. Team B's player 2 scored an insurance goal we guess because we can't find the official NHL rules on this scoring.

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