Timed Player Trades

A "timed trade" means that each team keeps the points of an individual player for the period of time the player is on the team.

(A trade where you lose ALL of a players points, and pick up all of a new player's points is simple; edit the team from the Administration->Initialize & Edit Pool->Edit Team page and change the player's name.)

To do a Timed Trade, or set up Poolie Requested Trades, please look at the following tutorial:

How to do Trades and Poolie Requested Trades

A TRADE FROM happens the morning of the date entered and DOES NOT include that day's games.
A TRADE TO happens the morning of the date specified and DOES include points from games played that day.

We think that it is pretty self explanitory and easy to use, if there is something that is unclear, please contact us.

If you have a keeper league and want to track trades that include draft picks, you can draft players "First Round" through "Tenth Round" or "Farm Team" onto every team, and these players can be traded, but will not appear on the Daily Stats Page unless you select "Show Empty Players" on the Initialize & Edit Pool page.

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