I have the wrong login

Q: I can't login or the login I'm using shows the wrong pool.

First, let's be clear. The Pool Login ID is a single word with no spaces that allows you to login to see your stats. YOU DO NOT NEED A PASSWORD TO VIEW THE STATS, JUST THE POOL LOGIN ID.

A: You have a number of options, all of which will be faster than contacting us via email and awaiting a reply:

  • Contact your pool administrator - this is the person who registered the pool with us. Ask them for the Pool Login ID.
  • If you type in a bad Pool Login ID on the login page, the next page has a form that enables you to ask for help. The absolute best thing you can type into this form is the email address of your pool administrator, then click on 'Looking for Pool Login ID' and then click on 'Help Me'. The email address will be used to show you all of the Pool Login IDs registered by that pool administrator. One of them is bound to be yours.

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