Points Problems? Please check for the 3 most common reasons.

1. Are you looking at UNOFFICIAL STATS?

Please, please, please, check with NHL.com before reporting that points do not match what you expect. The call of the game, or the unofficial box score are not official; the NHL will re-award points throughout the season upon review of game.

[Go to nhl.com to check official player statistics]

2. Are the Goals and Assists correct but the point total wrong (or zero)?

If so, then the player is registered in your pool as a player type that scores points differently than what you expect.
The letter to the left of the player name tells you his player type. There is a scoring chart for your pool just before the team-by-team lists of players. If there is an error, contact your pool administrator.

For example, in the Pos column below, Iginla is listed as an (R); Right wing.
6 (R) JAROME IGINLA COL 12 6 5 11 20.00 0.92 6 3 2 1 3
So to see how Right wingers score in my pool, I would scroll up to the Scoring For Your Pool and check the scoring for Right wing players.
The Hockey Pool Team By Team Scoring For Your PoolLegend
Forward: G: 1 A: 1
Goalie: G: 1 A: 1 W: 2 OT: 1 SO: 3
Defense: G: 1 A: 1
Left wing: G: 1 A: 1
Right wing: G: 1 A: 1
Center: G: 1 A: 1
Team A W: 2 OT: 1
Points injured/benched/contract/etc Link to injury report red draft number Playing today (*)
red1 superscript indicates where the team stands in that stat category.

3. Your pool is a Top Scorers Pool

Top Scorers Pools are where you get points from only a limited number of your players. (For example, only the top 10 of your 12 players count towards your total.)
Folks often think Points Last Night (PLN) is wrong in this type of pool, and it can be unintuitive as to why they are actually correct.

Click here for more info on PLN weirdness with Top Scoring Teams.

If you you have a points problem not accounted for above, please contact us.

What Points Have Been Re-Awarded?

We do conforms with the NHL multiple times each day, where we compare our scoring record with theirs. If players have points added or subtracted after the fact, we update our database at that time.

We report these changes in a number of ways.

We update our Point Re-awards page. This is also linked in the left side column under "Links", so is available on most pages.

We add a header message to the Daily Stats Page that will link to the same point re-awards page.

If it is a significant point re-award, we'll also tweet it and post it on our facebook page.

We want to make your Hockey Pool, THE Hockey Pool

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