Rotisserie Style Scoring

Rotisserie Style Scoring involves points based on relative ranking of many stats categories rather than simply straight points.

In standard scoring pools, all of your player's points are summed up and the poolie with the highest points wins.

However, in Rotisserie Style pools, each team is ranked on a number of statistic categories based on how they compare with other teams. Then, their placement in those rankings are summed to determine the poolies' current score. Which stats categories are ranked for this scoring is chosen by your pool.

Least Points Wins Some Rotisserie pools use straight positional ranking (i.e. The first place in each stat category gets one point, the 2nd gets 2 points, etc.) so that the poolie with the lowest cumulative score is the leader.

Most Points Wins Other Rotisserie pools use a reverse ranking (i.e. if there are 10 poolies in the pool, then the first place in each stat category gets ten points, the second gets 9 points, etc.) so that the poolie with the most points is the leader.

Both types can be tracked at TheHockeyPool.

Goaltending teams can be part of Rotisserie scoring, however, not all of their stats categories are rankable.

You can score teams based on the sum of their ranking in any combination of the following stats categories:

Caveats: - Top Scoring pools can be used for a Rotisserie pool (but they are not well tested).

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