We've been on the web since 1996. During that time, we've rapidly innovated what pool stats services should be about, we've added many new features each year (and our new features have been shamelessly copied by other web sites, which I guess is pretty flattering to us as leaders).

The feedback we have recieved is overwhelming, flattering, positive and in great volume.

We can't share every comment we've gotten, but here is a sampling.

Look around at other sites. How much advertising and how many mouse clicks do you need to see your stats? If they're throwing ads in your face and relegating your stats to the corner of the screen, then they are missing the point.

This is about your pool, your stats, how you are crushing your opponents in many decisive ways.

It's not about the ads, it's about TheHockeyPool!

(All comments are taken directly from user email to us and full information regarding email addresses and names are on file. Letters may have been edited to remove personal details. Where editing has been done: '...' indicates a section has been removed, and [text] indicates a portion of the letter has been condensed.)
I have been involved in many pools over the last few years. I just wanted to let you know that thehockeypool.com has been the best pool I have been apart of. The administrators of the pool have been more than helpful when emailed and the professionalism showed by yourslef and your group is commendable. We will be back for years to come..
John B.
By the way, I looked around for a "free" hockey pool when I found out that you guys were charging. Seeing that I ended up paying you in the end, I guess you can see the state of your competition. This is by far the best pool out there. Thanks!
P. Charron
I was looking for a hockey pool, tried some, and found them utterly confusing. Then I logged onto Thehockeypool.com , and what a godsend! You guys are fantastic! Easy to understand, easy to configure, it was a breeze to set up my pool, and I'll recommend you guys to anyone! Fantastic!
-fxflynn, Edmonton
Dear TheHockeyPool.com guy

Thank you Thank you Thank you. Not only do you provide the best bar none hockey pool site on the Internet, you also went above and beyond the call of duty to outwit the idiot interent security guys at my work. Hockey pools at work are a right that should be written into the constitution. Thank you for championing this constitutional amendment!

Sincerely B. Rodomar

Hello Poolguy. I just wanted to compliment you on one of the best sites on the net!! You have everyone in our office baffled with the speed of your reports, accuracy, different ways of reporting the data, and the ease of use. I work for a computer developing team [and] this is an excellent site!! And it is very fast.
S. Jordan
this a great pool service!!! i looked hard last year to find something like this. it makes pooling very easy! now i don't mind looking after our pool!
K. Lamey
Me and my friends ... have been running a pool for almost 10 years. A great excuse for the guys to get together.

We have used your site for the last 4 years and are very happy with the service. It seems to be even smoother this year! Thanks and keep it up.
T. Boulanger

I would like to say that this hockey pool site is the GREATEST on the web. Congratulations! ... Everything looks great!
R. Peterson
This is by far the best site for hockey poolers, like myself ,on the internet that I have ever seen. Keep it up and thanks very much for this excellent service.
S. Hay, Winnipeg
This is the best site I've found yet! Keep up the great site!!!!!!!!!
T. Ziola
Dear Pool Guy-

I would just like to say that I have had a hockey pool for 19 years and have gone from keeping stats with a pen and paper,to using colored graph paper,to using a crude but affective program on my old Commodore 64, updating the stats every night ! The pool has grown from 9 managers,9 teams to 55 managers, 22 teams so I was going through alot of pens --- until a friend of mine brought me to the attention of this Hockey Pool web page. WOW, this site is GREAT !!!

With the easy setup of the teams and the special features that have been added to customize the pool, you have made my pool update time much more enjoyable and much more interesting. The many different stats, injury reports and predictions have also added a new twist to the who's winning, who's loosing pool. Thank you very much. The guys in the pool who have seen this think it has made the pool that much better !!!

Thanks again
E. Martin

Yo Pool guy, We love your stats. you are the man. Hockey remote. OUT
R. Mehta
Thanks for your help and keep up the stellar work. What a fantastic concept. My fellow poolies/internet junkies are all over this idea like white on rice!!!

Thanks again!

The regular season pool is over and your site got rave reviews!! I've already entered the info for the playoff pool. your site is great!
F. Anzini

You do a great job each day... always look forward to seeing what stats are included, knowing that they will be changed periodically. Keep up the great work.
D. MacLean
The players in my league want to thank you for the page. We think it is the greatest.
M. Daley
I think that your site is killer, it made it a lot easier to do our pool this year.
J. Weight
Wonderful service you offer guys. Someone at the office came up with the idea of a hockey pool. Since we have 21 teams I started looking on the internet for a ... service like yours. I saw a few but nothing is comparable to the stats you give on a daily basis.
P. Quinn
M. Zachanowich
I would also like to thank you for this great website. I have been managing 2 Play-off drafts since 1982 and when I found your website I was very excited. I have been looking for a better method to look after these drafts for a long time, and your site seems to be the answer. Many friends in other drafts have been told of your website and will be using it for their Play-off drafts, as well as their League Drafts. Again, thank you for this terrific idea. ITS THE BEST THING I'VE FOUND ON THE WEB !!!!!!
T. Dusyk
Oh [bleep], just keep doin' what you're doin' ! I've been [bleep]ing my pants for a coupla days, trying to download a decent hockey pool manager for the playoffs, when I found your site! A million thanks!
Anyway, thanks again. I just set up my pool and it is *EVERYTHING* I was looking for. I'll be back year after year to run my playoff pool for sure. Thanks!
T. Warmington
WOW! this is about the coolest thing I've ever seen. I've been doing the stats using Excel for years, but not any more. Thanks for enriching my life.
M. Wozniak
I just wanted to let you know that I think this site rocks! What a treat... it is organized pretty much PERFECT!!!

I like the new team point analysis at the start of the stats... GREAT IDEA

Anyhow, love the site.... Keep up the good work
F. Fisher

Just used your service for the first time, and it is awesome! To think I spent all that time last year working from the newspaper to my spreadsheet. I am very impressed with your all of the different types of stats that are offered with your service; I was so happy with myself last year when I finally figured out how to get average points per player, now I have every stat imaginable at my fingertips. Thank you for your service, but there's only one problem with it... I am not winning, can you do something about that?

Thanks Again, T. Alderson

Hello. I would like to commend you on the excellent service you provide! The pool I have set up is running smoothly and everyone invloved is very impressed.
P. Clark

We want to make your Hockey Pool, THE Hockey Pool

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