Salaries, Contract Terms and Bonus Points

Pool Administrators can add salaries, contract terms and bonus points to players by going to the Admin Page->Initialize & Edit Pool.
Near the top of the page, there are a number of check boxes, including:
- Salaries
- Use Salary Cap?
- Contract Terms
- Bonus Points

Select the fields that you are interested in and press 'Update'. Then edit each team in turn, adding Salary, Contract Term and Bonus Point information to each player/team as appropriate.

After you enable the Salaries option, a button will appear on the Admin Page below "Initialize & Edit Pool" called: "Verify Player Salaries Match NHL".

Clicking this button will give you a report of those players who do not match and which of your poolies are above/below your specified Salary Cap if any. You may optionally select an option to re-set all of the player salaries to the numbers we have in our database.

Use Salary Cap?: This toggles the use of "Salary Cap" numbers rather than player salaries. Often, the Salary and the Cap Hit numbers are the same, but there are occassional differences due to any number of factors. When enabled, you will also be able to set the salary cap dollar amount for each team.

If you do track Salaries, as Administrator, go to Customize Charts and turn on the display of the Most & Least Cost Effective Players chart. This chart provides you with an analysis of how expensive players are for each point they produce.

NOTE: If you enable Salaries or Caps AFTER you have drafted players, the administrator should set player salaries to the known NHL values by using the "Verify Player Salaries Match NHL" button that will appear at the bottom of the Initialize & Edit Pool page, or just below that button on the Admin page.

Our source for the Salaries and Cap Hit numbers is an excellent site: