Customizable Player Points

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We provide the ability to customize your player's points. This includes the ability for you to set 11 different types of players (see further below for Goalie and Team stats):

Scoring a custom number of points for each of:

(Want Rotisserie style scoring information?)

Stat categories for goaltenders:

And for hockey teams/goaltending teams/coaches: (More information about drafting hockey teams.) The points for each category can be whole numbers (i.e. 1), decimal (i.e. 0.5) or negative (i.e. -1).

How to find & edit custom points:
Press 'Customize Point Scoring' on the Admin page to change how points are awarded to the various player types.
** Inverted Goals Against Average

The inverted GAA is a powerful feature for pools who score points on GAA for goalies.

For example, a common scenario is that you have a points system where a lower GAA means more points for the poolie.

Let's say you award 100 points for a 2.4 GAA, less points for higher, more points for lower.

This means you calculate the points for GAA as follows: (2.4 / GAA) X 100

If we say GAA' = ( 1.0 / GAA ) then we can re-write the equation: 2.4 X GAA' X 100

And by the transitive properties of multiplication: GAA' X (2.4 X 100) = GAA' X 240 = Points for GAA

To set this scoring up on, select Invert GAA on the Administrator's Customize Point Scoring page and set GAA scoring to 240, you get the desired result; a GAA of 2.4 is 100 points, higher is fewer points, lower is more points.

Positive +/- Only

"Positive +/- Only" does not mean "I will never lose points from a change in +/-".
It means: +/- is a bonus to the player's points - that is, it will only contribute 0 or more points to the players stats - or stated a different way - the players score will never go below his actual goals plus assists score.

A rating of -1 overall in +/- will add 0 points, just like a rating of -24 will add 0 points. When a positive +/- decreases, the points you get from +/- goes down.

If you expect +/- points to be evaluated per game instead of based on the overall stat, that is not how we calculate that stat and here's why:

The stat itself is to track consistency; is he on-ice for more goals for than goals against (at even strength)? By awarding points based on the overall stat, drafting a player with a higher +/- rating at the end of the season is what you want to do. If you award the stat per game, then you don't care what the overall +/- ranking is.
In fact, with per game, a player who has a negative +/- but oscillates between say -10 and -8 each game all season would end up with more points than a player who steadily builds his +/- stat up to +25, and that just seems wrong. The minus -10 player would get two points each night he improved his +/- to -8. The next game he would get 0 points when he dropped back -2 to a total of -10. Over the season, the points he gets from +/- could be close to 80 points which seems not to be what a player with -10 +/- ranking should earn. Essentially, a per game calculation of +/- would reward the most inconsistent players; players with the wildest +/- swings. This is why we calculate the +/- points based on the overall stat.

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