Team Passwords, Sorting, Trash Talk, Taunts, Trades, Active/Reserve and Headlines

Each member of your pool can maintain their own password, change how their team is sorted, trade players (if enabled for your pool), activate and bench players (if enabled for your pool), trash talk and enter a headline* which will be displayed if their team has the best performance the night before.

To enable this feature; go to Configure Trash Talk, check 'Enable Trash Talk' and press Save.

Once enabled, new buttons appear on your pool's Daily Stats Page.

- At the top of the page labelled 'TRASH TALK'.
- Beside each team's name on the Team By Team chart labelled 'Edit My Trash Talk'.

Click here to see an example pool with this feature enabled, click on the 'TRASH TALK' button at the top of that page.

By default the poolie's passwords are the same as the team name. We suggest you modify your poolie's passwords slightly and email each poolie individually. If you leave the passwords as they are, the quickest people to the passwords will be entering trash talk for other poolies, and changing their passwords. Trust us, they'll do it, those rascals.

The poolie passwords DO NOT need to be entered on the Login page.

Because the trash talk may get rude or inappropriate, the Pool Administrator has the power to edit the trash talk and headlines to keep everything in the spirit of the game. Although, as we always say, if you can't stand the taunting, pick a better team.

Also, for the ultra-paranoid amoungst you, you can password protect your trash talk page so that your poolies will need to enter a password to even view the trash talk section. There is a "Trash Talk Password" field on the "Configure Trash Talk" administrator's page. If any text is placed in that field, then your poolies will have to enter that password just to view the trash talk. This feature was added because some poolies were afraid that women, children, and kittens may have their eyes burnt if they were to look at the language that was being used in that section. Adding the password also insures that Google won't index your trash talk page.

* The criteria for getting your Headline displayed is that the team must have scored > 0.8 points per player playing last night and you must have the highest point total of those who did score > 0.8 points per player.

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