2024 Playoff Fantasy Hockey Pool

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Make the quest for the Cup more exciting by rooting for your favorite players!

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  • Draft any player and/or team.
  • Customize scoring according to your pool's rules, including unique scoring on shootout goals and misses, and empty net goals, assists, and EN plus-minus.
  • Award team points for playoff round wins or losses.
  • Create a Box Draft where your poolies can choose their own team on-line.
  • Use our Free Playoff Predictor to help you pick a great team.
  • Draft interactively on-line using the Live Draft tool.
  • Keeper leagues.
  • Statistics are updated shortly after each game.
  • Head-to-Head Matchups
  • And so much more...

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2 to 8 poolies:   $10 CDN     
9 to 39 poolies: $1.20 CDN per poolie ($20 max)
40+ poolies:      $30

Super-helpful links:
2023/2024 Rosters & Stats
2023/2024 NHL Team Standings with Magic Numbers
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